Corporate Profile

‘LISTEN’ is an abbreviation of the Malay words ‘Polis’ (Police) and ‘Tentera’ (Army), Listen Security not only associates all their tasks with the local authorities but being run by ex-police and ex-military personnel themselves.

We take pride in our Malaysian roots and traditions. Listen Security aims to fulfill all clients’ security concerns with the utmost importance and proficiency, all with the Malaysian touch, to keep our clients safe and satisfied with our precise delivery of services.

Listen Security Sdn Bhd is a qualified security company which is registered and licensed by Kementerian Dalam Negeri.

Our Vision

We aim to implement a dynamic approach to create awesome security solutions for our clients and their assets. In doing so with each different solution, we also challenge ourselves to consistently refine, update and improve our services legally.

Our Mission

To be among the nation’s top security providers in delivering affordable, dynamic and tailor-made security services.

Our Values

Listen Security developed its business upon many different values. However, some of the most important values to the company are:


Providing a full-range of up-to-date security services for various requirements to our clients.


Developing detailed customized plans for each of our clients.


Providing high quality security service to every client regardless of their situation.


Developing relationships with each client to provide the highest quality of service.

Our Ethics

Our code of conduct serves as a necessary tool to build trust and conduct business responsibly between us, our clients, and their assets. We aim to act responsibly, with accountability and transparency. Through our experiences, we understand the vitalness in creating long-term value and trust to perform sustainable business with success. We are a non-discriminatory company that hires people of any race, religion, age or gender, but above all, who has strong qualifications and/or interest towards the security industry as a whole.

Managing Director

Suhaini Binti Bakri

Good day to you all. Listen Security Sdn. Bhd., a solutions provider that utilizes our own concepts to deliver quality security services and solutions within the industry to meet our client’s expectations.

At Listen Security, we prioritize both our clients and our business, ensuring that satisfactions on both ends are only fulfilled by providing solutions to our clients that exceed their expectations. WE aim for continuous success, and given our available skills, expertise and enthusiastic support from a dynamic group of security specialists of various expertise, we are confident that Listen Security will be among the nation’s top-notch security providers and are more than able to fulfil all supply and demand needs within the market.

We always put our clients first and foremost. Fostering trust and reliable support between us and the clients accomplishes success on both ends, with the satisfaction obtained by fulfilling a client’s needs being a vital goal for us.

I would like to personally thank all of our clients, partners and dedicated team players into helping us with Listen Security’s success, for as Henry Ford once said,

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”.